Metal Fabrication

In addition to the sale of spares and the manufacture of heater coils and boilers we also build a wide range of quality metalwork including frames, cabinets, trolleys and chassis for you to sell or use to build your own machines. These are manufactured in house and powder coated locally. Whilst the products listed in the Heater Coils, Boilers and Metal Fabrication section are our standard, off-the-shelf parts we are able to undertake custom builds. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. If it is made of mild or stainless steel we can probably make it!

We use a local powder coating firm who can provide custom colours and finishes if required. Do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

If you are using a frame, trolley, chassis etc to make a complete machine we may be able to part-assemble on site prior to despatch. Motors, pumps, vertical boilers, hose reels etc can all be mounted onto our metalwork before despatch. Please contact us with your enquiries.